Our workshop is located in our headquaters in Massieux, France, not so far from Lyon. From ideation to pattern making, from design to prototyping, it all happens here. Our team specializes in working out solutions to best fulfill the requirements of our customers in terms of ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics.


Yangzhou Geopack, is our production house located in mainland China and launched in year 2000 thanks to three experts in backpack design and construction: Wang Zhao Long (Vaude, Germany), Lucien Andriol (Millet, France) and Charles Vandermeirssche (Rogneau-Ainé, France). It fulfills all small batch and long run production.


This strong and reliable partnership enabled us to build a high capacity production facility and work with experienced operators. Together, we ensure high quality standards and smooth and efficient order process.  

Geopack Industries

Workshop and design office specialized in textile craftmanship, outdoor and military gear